A Cross-post from Fine Lines

Craft is Technique with Context

Craft, like Art, has been in exile for a long time, put in a ghetto where it’s been held at the mercy of wealth. In a way I suppose we should be grateful, they might have disappeared entirely without patronage; but on the other hand, if it hadn’t been for the creation of poverty and its spread due to the depredations of “wealth generation,” Art and Craft might have remained vibrant, integrated aspects of life.One of the most dispiriting concerns I have – in a time of plenty in this regard! – has been the way so many who should know better continue to confound Craft and Technology. The epitome of this might just be the hallelujahs surrounding the advent of the 3-d printer. I don’t share in this enthusiasm.

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Craft is Technique with Context






2 thoughts on “A Cross-post from Fine Lines

  1. The fine craftman and the artist of yesteryear would have starved without patronage. If you took away the church, royalty, aristocrats and the rich there would be no one with time enough on thier hands to appreciate the finer things. The poor always had to settle for sturdy and crude, and the poor were the majority.

    People have forgotten that the middle class is something that only appeared since the last great war. Prior that, there was only the rich, the very rich, a large struggling working class, and a broad scope of poverty. The middle class is a mere mirage, or smokescreen, built on volunteer wage slaves and corporate greed. It is not sustainable.

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