Schooner Boat Update

Thought it was time to update the progress on the Schooner Boat.

As you can see, length has been increased to 32′. Almost any boat can be improved by easing the lines just a little bit. Along with more length there is deeper draft, although in part that is a result of raising the load waterline.

The lines show the boat at close to fully loaded. Since the hold area is aft, under the quarter deck, and fixed weights are farther forward, the boat will trim up by the stern when light. This will bring the immersed transom out of the water making the boat easier to drive when less stiff.

At this point, it’s time to measure and calculate displacement, L.C.B., and Prismatic Coefficient before re-drawing the lines to adjust these parameters as they appear to need it. Another re-calculation and we should be ready to draw the lines a final time to bring the design together, fair and flowing.






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