The Schooner Actæon

In my novel, Shoal Hope a rum-runner sails a schooner named Actæon. It’s larger than this one, loosely based on McCoy’s Arethusa.

This Actæon is much smaller; but still a large boat.





When MacFarlane first sees his Actæon:

That old boat was in bad shape. Went up to New England, looking for a replacement. Heard of a boat for sale in Provincetown. That’s when I saw her. Took the Boston steamer. A squally day. Late in the season. Rounded Long Point just outside the Bell Buoy. Two schooners barreling in close-hauled, racing home after unloading a trip in Boston. Charging out of the mist. Tacked right beside us. Two powerful sailers. The one in the lead took my breath away. Coursed across our bow, luffing….


Settled on the new tack with a Boom. Like a cannon shot. Sails snapping-to in a sharp Northeast wind. Lay over to the weight of the breeze. Her name carved in gilded letters above that raked, oval transom, Actæon.


Chapter 49, Actæon








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