A new school

It’s not a question of how to design a boat It’s a question of why

Schooner Boat, next iteration

After a long pause the Schooner Boat design has made it to another iteration. The hull is now 32′ and the lines have been revisited and calculations taken arriving at a loaded displacement of 15,000 pounds. The sail plan has come together along with the overall deck layout and house size and proportion.

Thoughts on Craft

Recently I’ve been looking into the meaning and origin of Craft. I began with this definition of the term. Craft means making. It is also a vessel that transports us. It denotes a variety of disciplines and an attitude towards making. Craft hovers around our conceptions of technique and technology, but I’d say these connectionsContinue reading “Thoughts on Craft”

Efficiency versus Adequacy

In the early stages of burrowing into a potential design commission, thinking about the type, sketching, imagining myself into a particular subset of all the many avenues into a boat, leaning to fit into one way, leaving the options open and circling around, waiting as much as looking, to see what comes up; I foundContinue reading “Efficiency versus Adequacy”