Beyond the Horizon. Boats, just vessels of escape?

Sterling Hayden. A good actor. Who can forget his mad air force general muttering about precious bodily fluids while orchestrating the end of the world in Dr. Strangelove?

A new school

It’s not a question of how to design a boat It’s a question of why

Chasing after the new, the trap of innovation.

Just look around you. What we see is what collapse looks like. It’s not the dramatic plot of some Apocalyptic movie. Such flashy spectacles are just a symptom of our decline. In the end it’s not only our inability to adapt to changing conditions that holds us in its grip. We are in collapse becauseContinue reading “Chasing after the new, the trap of innovation.”

Factory One Design at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

April, 21, 2021, In checking links on updating this site I’ve discovered that The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory website is down. The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, its kids, and the first Factory One Design featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.