Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory Acts of Love Campaign

Please take a look at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory's Acts of Love Fundraising Campaign.        


A new school

It's not a question of how to design a boat It's a question of why     A boat's design affects everything it does. Boats are potent symbols. Their form, the entire aesthetic out of which they grow, affects our perception of them. As we interact with our boats their forms change our lives. A [...]

Launching all three Factory One Designs!

  Last Saturday The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory had their official Factory One Design Launching. And the launched all three of the first batch of boats! A warm and heartfelt congratulations to Brett, Victoria, Jesús, and all the students! Sorry I couldn't be there…. Other shots of the day: More on how their first summer [...]

Cross-post from Antonio Dias Design, Factory 1-d Launched!

Just got these images from Victoria Guidi, Program Director at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory. This one says it all! The Purple Lady – the kids chose the color and the name – sailing in the basin to the side of the Independence Seaport Museum. The Cruiser, Olympia and the Bark, Moshulu in the background. [...]