A new school

It's not a question of how to design a boat It's a question of why     A boat's design affects everything it does. Boats are potent symbols. Their form, the entire aesthetic out of which they grow, affects our perception of them. As we interact with our boats their forms change our lives. A … Continue reading A new school


Craft Untethered

The last post broached the subject of the complicity of our boating heritage. It shouldn't come as much of a shock, but it does. This disillusion strikes close to home. It resides in the silence of guilt and taboo, where our discomfort is unmoored from its cause – deemed too painful, intractable to any possibility … Continue reading Craft Untethered

A Guest Post by Thad Danielson

Difficult times.  I don’t have numbers, just impressions.  World wide most people struggle to eat, shelter or pay their bills.  The few with money and property live to prove their worth.  So, we’re trying to find something to eat, working to pay the bills, plotting to get richer, we think we are the salt of … Continue reading A Guest Post by Thad Danielson

Beyond the Horizon. Boats, just vessels of escape?

Sterling Hayden. A good actor. Who can forget his mad air force general muttering about precious bodily fluids while orchestrating the end of the world in Dr. Strangelove? Hayden was a sailor. Perhaps the quintessential American Twentieth Century sailor. He provided the model so many have aspired to. A creative spirit, he was wild and … Continue reading Beyond the Horizon. Boats, just vessels of escape?

The Schooner Boat, part I

There are different kinds of thinking. I've been focusing on the forms of thought involved in Craft recently, beginning with an insight that we are motivated to Craft out of an awe for the abundance of quality that surrounds us in what used to be called the Natural World. Technique is about getting something. Craft … Continue reading The Schooner Boat, part I

Banks Schooners

This passage speaks to the ambivalence I feel towards our position today, looking back in admiration, wanting to somehow participate in what remains of the grand tradition these boats epitomize. I've spent my adult life in the shadow of the Banks Schooners. Growing up looking out across one of their greatest harbors as the dwindling … Continue reading Banks Schooners