Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory Acts of Love Campaign

Please take a look at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory's Acts of Love Fundraising Campaign.        


Avalon, a 106′ Schooner

Avalon is based on the schooners that fished the Grand Banks at the turn of the Twentieth Century. They marked the end-point of an evolution that had been ongoing for some three hundred years. They came to be right at the time engines and oil changed everything. At the other end of that excursion from … Continue reading Avalon, a 106′ Schooner

Yearning for a purpose

When I wrote Designer & Client this is what I saw: So much of what we do is… required of us.… …no one is forcing us to have a pleasure boat. No practical purpose is fulfilled by owning one… A boat is an opportunity to create a dream and act on it. Most such dreams … Continue reading Yearning for a purpose

Craft Incorporates Values

Craft incorporates value. All Craft does. Crap Craft incorporates crap values. This isn't a bug. It's a feature. Behind any craft there is a drive to embody and express value. For social creatures in a fluid universe this aspect is more crucial than any purported "practical" value. We "need" tools and implements, transport, storage vessels…. … Continue reading Craft Incorporates Values

A Cross-post from Fine Lines

Craft is Technique with Context Craft, like Art, has been in exile for a long time, put in a ghetto where it's been held at the mercy of wealth. In a way I suppose we should be grateful, they might have disappeared entirely without patronage; but on the other hand, if it hadn't been for … Continue reading A Cross-post from Fine Lines