Responses to The End of an Era

Clean-up Crew Messages We'll add new messages as they come in with the most recent on top. 02/22/20 O. Ziegler I’m just learning of this devastating news; tears in my eyes as I read what others have written of this terrible loss. George, Dominic, Christian, my heart goes out to you. Such wonderful memories were … Continue reading Responses to The End of an Era

The End of an Era

The Heart and Hearth of the old shop George and Dominic Zachorne's boatshop in Wickford Rhode Island burned to the ground in the early hours of September Tenth. My sense of loss echoes what I felt in the wake of the Notre Dame fire and has forced me to stop and consider what's to come … Continue reading The End of an Era

Vessels of Escape?

Sterling Hayden was a good actor. Who can forget his mad air force general muttering about precious bodily fluids while orchestrating the end of the world in Dr. Strangelove? He was a sailor. Perhaps the quintessential American Twentieth Century sailor. He provided the model so many have aspired to. He was the creative spirit, wild … Continue reading Vessels of Escape?

Robert Olson, a 15′ Dayboat

      When I was in boat school Robert Olson was my neighbor on West Quoddy Head. He was the caretaker there, and a lobsterman, and someone I came to think of as a friend. He never took the time to go sailing. Always too busy for that! But I would like to dedicate … Continue reading Robert Olson, a 15′ Dayboat

In Memoriam, David Moses Bridges

I'm sorry to read of the death of David Moses Bridges. My loss has been to have never known of him while he was alive. Take a look at this video and see why. David Moses Bridges - Canoe Maker from Rogue Films on Vimeo. The Portland Press Herald ran this Obituary. He's joined the … Continue reading In Memoriam, David Moses Bridges

Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory Acts of Love Campaign

Please take a look at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory's Acts of Love Fundraising Campaign.