A new school

It's not a question of how to design a boat It's a question of why     A boat's design affects everything it does. Boats are potent symbols. Their form, the entire aesthetic out of which they grow, affects our perception of them. As we interact with our boats their forms change our lives. A … Continue reading A new school


The Word Craft Is Derived from Strength

It's taken me long enough; but I've finally discovered that the word craft derives from Old English and German words for strength. Forehead slap! Of course. Kraft paper means strong paper. Knew that! So at this point this belated revelation reverberates in my skull. Thinking about the distinction between strength and power…. There's already been … Continue reading The Word Craft Is Derived from Strength

Chasing after the new, the trap of innovation.

Just look around you. What we see is what collapse looks like. It's not the dramatic plot of some Apocalyptic movie. Such flashy spectacles are just a symptom of our decline. In the end it's not only our inability to adapt to changing conditions that holds us in its grip. We are in collapse because … Continue reading Chasing after the new, the trap of innovation.

Cross-Post from Fine Lines: Notes on Craft

The trouble with talking about Craft is that everyone thinks they already know what it is. Let's take a deep breath and set all those assumptions aside. Easier said than done. To begin, here's some of what Craft is not: Backward Anachronistic, and therefore not a viable way to proceed. Continue…        

Who Teaches Whom… and How?

…And let's not forget, "Why?" My involvement with boats has always been intertwined with learning. I don't think this is unique. Every interaction we have with boats involves some element of learning, sharing skills and passing them along. Boats teach us, and they catalyze learning. This is one of their greatest powers. How do we … Continue reading Who Teaches Whom… and How?

Craft Incorporates Values

Craft incorporates value. All Craft does. Crap Craft incorporates crap values. This isn't a bug. It's a feature. Behind any craft there is a drive to embody and express value. For social creatures in a fluid universe this aspect is more crucial than any purported "practical" value. We "need" tools and implements, transport, storage vessels…. … Continue reading Craft Incorporates Values